• GIS / Image Processing Software
  • GIS / DGPS / Total Station
  • Photogrammetry Software
  • GeoStorage Manager, GeoGPU
  • GeoUltra: Ultra High Resolution Precision Data

We provide a wide range of GIS and Image Processing Software solutions from Industry standard Brands. Based on the user requirement we provide exact and optimum solution to fit the technical expectation as well as the budget. We offer Desktop GIS Solution as well as High End Server based Enterprise GIS Solution also to cater various customer needs.

In Partnership with GeoEPC Management Advisors Pvt. Ltd.,we are pleased to offer innovative and advanced storage devices specially built to handle Geospatial Data. We are also excited to offer GeoUltra - which is an ultra-high resolution precision orthomosaic with accuracy of ≤ 10 cm. The detailed technical brochures are available for download at our support centre.